A close up of the Head Table Decor showing
the Enchanting Bubble and the 4 Fantasy Clouds
draped with Tulle
Wedding Canopy and Exploding Balloon
for First Dance
A close up look at the 
Stuffed Balloon beneath the Heart, filled with
Small Latex Hearts
A Close up look at a 
Heart with Tulle, from another wedding, hanging down after the
Bride and Groom
"Popped" the Stuffed Balloon with their personalized wand to make the Small Hearts shower down upon them
Beneath the Sclulptured Heart, we added an Exploding Balloon filled with approximately 75 Latex Hearts, or Latex 5 inch balloons.  On the First Dance, the Bride and Groom pop the balloon, with a wand prepared especially for them, and
the balloons inside shower down upon them
The Bride and Groom make a Grand Entrance into their Wedding Reception through this
Three Foot Long Balloon Tunnel
prepared in their Wedding Colors

Aah-Inspiring        Balloons
Aah-Inspiring       Balloons
Personalized Wand used to explode the Stuffed Balloon, and start the Hearts Dropping
A view of your Head Table looking thru a Partial Canopy with an Exploding Balloon, stuffed with Small Latex Hearts, hanging in the center.
When the Bride and Groom Explode the balloon, on their First Dance,
they are showered with appx 75 Small Latex Hearts 

A Tearful Moment, so we're told
Close-up of the Head Table, where the Tulle can be seen joining the Fantasy Clouds to the Enchanting Bubble
A closer look at the Centerpieces, showing the Puffs of Tulle tied onto the bottom of the balloons and a Tulle Covered Weight
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
The Cake Table can be seen surrounded by Three Elegant Topiary Balls, with Tulle attached
A Four Foot Balloon Heart, adorned with Silk Flowers, was joined to two Topiary Pedestals with Tulle for a perfect backdrop for the Wedding Ceremony 
Background for Bride and Groom Vows 
Partial Wedding Canopy with Fantasy Columns
 Can have an additional 4 arches       placed between the columns,
 (as seen on the Ally McBeal TV      Show Season Finale May 2001)
Partial Canopy
This Theme Oriented Canopy
has Foil Champagne Bottles
and Foil Champagne Glasses
used as Column Toppers 
Aah-Inspiring                                                        Balloons
Aah-Inspiring                                        Balloons
Ally McBeal Partial Canopy for Season Finale
Partial Canopies
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
Aah-Inspiring                             Balloons
Aah-Inspiring     Balloons
Aah-Inspiring        Balloons
Aah-Inspiring        Balloons
Aah-Inspiring        Balloons
Aah-Inspiring                                    Balloons
Aah-Inspiring                   Balloons
Viewing thru the Partial Canopy from angle, the Centerpieces, and the Cake Table,are visible
Sculptured Heart Over Dance Floor with Tulle and Exploding Balloon
A Wedding Full of Hearts
Room Entrance
As your guests enter the room,
they view the
Heart Balloon Bursts Centerpieces
and the Head Table
Room Curtains Open: 

A view of the Head Table and
Dance Floor from across the room with the curtains open, shows the Sculptured Heart on a Stand framed with 4 Fantasy Heart Clouds, and Ceiling Balloons with Small Latex Hearts hanging down
Room Curtains Closed:

A view of the Head Table and 
Dance Floor from across the room with the curtains closed, shows the lights attached to the Sculptured Heart, and many Strings of Lights placed among
the ceiling balloons and small hearts
Bride and Groom's view
From the Head Table, the Bride and Groom are greeted with a view of the Dance Floor Ceiling Balloons and various Heart Balloon Bursts Centerpieces
A Closer view of the Sculptured Heart
An Upclose view of the Heart Balloon Bursts and the Base with
Fiber Optic Red Lights
Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
Unique WeddingCreations
to make
Your Day Memorable
Photo Backdrop
The Sculptured Heart appears to be
Floating between the two Curved Columns.
Balloon Colors can be changed to
fit most any theme, such as for
a 'Wedding, Valentine's Day, Reunion...
Aah-Inspiring                                                                        Balloons
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
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