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Aah-Inspiring    Balloons
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Mostly Corporate Decor 2
A Fishy Story
Aah-Inspiring              Balloons
Prepared for "How I Met Your Mother" TV
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
Danny and Bambi Under Water with the Fish, Bubbles, and Sea Weed
Eating in a Fish Tank
Guests, at this Company Event, sat at tables under Floating Fish and Bubbles.
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
Gold Fish in A Fish Tank
Prepared for a Company Event.
The 3 Gold Fish float around in the this fish tank that is approximately 8 feet tall
Topiary Tapers
(appx) 6ft wide)
These Rather Large Topiaries fill in along the walls and up the stairs, and can also be used in a Large Room
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Balloon Bursts
with Fiber Optics
The dimmed room lights gave the Guests quite a view when they entered this room, filled with
Balloon Bursts and Short Centerpieces
stuffed with Fiber Optic Lights.
Short Centerpiece
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Short Centerpiece
A closer look at the Short Centerpiece shows a Topiary Center Piece
filled with Fibre Optic Lights
and Twisted Balloons
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
The Topiary Tapers
Look Good going around the walls, leading to the stairs
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Having a Wine Event?
Imagine your Guests entering your event thru this Inviting Grape Filled Arch
Grape Filled Arch
The First thing your Guests will notice are the various Grape Clusters, in Varioius Colors, that appear to be
floating from the ceiling
Ceiling Grapes
As the Guests continue,
they encounter more
Floating Grape Clusters and the Entrance Columns, Filled with Grapes.
Ceiling Grapes and
Entrance Columns
Your Guests then enter
the main room thru
Two Entrance Columns.
The Columns over are overflowing with Grape Clusters, and Grape Vines
Entrance Columns
A Close up view showing
the Grape Clusters hanging from their Twisted Vines
Floating Grape Clusters
Close up
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Shooting Star Colunms
with Star Point Wall
This Airy, see thru, new design works perfect for the Stage or to decoate a Tent Front
Full View of Tent
Back View
Looking Out
Aah-Inspiring                                 Balloons
Aah-Inspiring          Balloons
Aah-Inspiring          Balloons
Short Topiaries of Many Colors
Do you have a favorite color?
Aah-Inspiring    Balloons
Aah-Inspiring    Balloons
Aah-Inspiring    Balloons
Award Winning Sculpture
Behind the wall, we recreated Our Sculpture that helped us become Designer of the Year 2009
(He was a Big Hit again)
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
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Grapes for Popping
Some of the grapes were stuffed with
Bank Gift Certificates.
For the attendees to find, as they
Popped the Balloons, (carefully)
The Outfits were designed so they
could be put on with very little problems
As youcan see,
the people had fun with the outfits
The boss liked the grapes so well, he ordered an outfit for himself
Of course, I like my grape outfit the best
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
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Sunny Days
Stage Decor
A Rainbow Arch, coming out of some clouds with a Sun floating above, Highlights the Picture Screen
A Popsicle can also be seen

Room Decor
The room is filled with
Rainbow Centerpieces coming out of the clouds, along with Floating Popsicles and Floating Lollipops hanging from the ceiling
A closer look shows a Centerpiece that consisted of a Small Rainbow and Sun Floating above the clouds;
and a Lolli Pop
Centerpiece and Lolli Pop
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Westfield's Corporate Picnic
July 2012
On the Left is the flyer from our Client, showing their fonts

                     On the Right is the Rendering sent to the our Client
First look
Entrance Arch
A Closer look at the left side of the Entrance Arch shows the lettering placed on the Foil Flags, and the Painted Foil Numbers
The attendees had no problem finding the way into the picnic, with this Entrance Arch.  It was prepared to be seen from far away
As the Attendees walked thru the arch, They saw the flags prepared with the Company Name, Welcome, Enjoy, and with the Painted Foil Numbers 2012, 
As the Attendees left the picnic, the wording on the arch said
 "Thanks for Coming"
Our prepared Entrance Arch, looks alot like the rendering sent to the client.
We even matched the font used for the Corporate Picnic
Corporate Luncheon Walkway
The Attendees began their journey down the walkway
Through a pair of  Moon Topped, Art Deco Columns 
Adorned with Pretty Faces,
And Topped with Foil Letters to assist in
locating the entrance from a distance
A closer look,
Shows off the
Pretty Face
on the
Crescent Foil.

If you have a Special Face,
Let us know,
We can apply
most any face
on the
Star Topped Columns with Pretty Faces,  and a Large Balloon and Tulle Arch, guided the attendees along the Walkway
to the Sign in Table
Courtyard Entrance
Star Toppers, with Pretty Faces, invite the attendees in
The Sign in Table
Close up look at the Pretty Faces
on the Star Toppers
The Courtyard
Star Toppers, with Pretty Faces, were placed around the Courtyard for pictures with Attendees
Hope you enjoyed your walk
Leaving the Luncheon
Two Cresent Toppers and an Arch, highlight the way into the Luncheon
The Luncheon Entrance
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Aah-Inspiring     Balloons
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Aah-Inspiring                          Balloons
Aah-Inspiring                  Balloons
Aah-inspiring       Balloons
Super Heros
Room Full of
Super Heros Centerpieces
Jumping out of their
Foiled Filled Boxes
All of the Centerpieces
have the Company Name,
Logix, in the front,
but the Birthday Person's Name could replace the company name
Spiderman Centerpiece 
Superman Centerpiece 
Aah-Inspiring    Balloons
Aah-Inspiring    Balloons
Aah-Inspiring    Balloons
Aah-Inspiring    Balloons
Logix Super Hero 
Corporate Event
Also seen under Birthday 1
Can be used for both
Batman Centerpiece 
Aah-Inspiring    Balloons
Aah-Inspiring       Balloons
Race Car Theme
Stage Decor
Two Balloon  Racing Flags
and various items were added to the stage
Centerpiece  Decor
Three Racing Balloons were attached to a
Racing Helmet decorated with
Specialty Stickers
Event Entrance
With Stanchions
Our Balloon Stanchions
Make an impressive entrance
For your guest
Aah-Inspiring       Balloons
Aah-Inspiring       Balloons