Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
Aah-Inspiring     Balloons
Aah-Inspiring                                Balloons
Aah-Inspiring                   Balloons
This Large Twisted Arch is highlighted with the Graduation Year
Graduation 2006
Aah-Inspiring                                                           Balloons
Aah-Inspiring                                                  Balloons
Graduation, Prom, and Homecoming King and Queen
Our Large Balloons with Collars attached, are perfect for outside Events.  The 2 Columns, with Star Toppers, frame the stage.  And, if needed, the Large Arch can be attached between the columns.
The Stage Columns frame the screen, and are highlighted with
the Graduates Name and Year
The Stage
Room Decor
A small portion of the room shows how Centerpieces made with
Small Graduation Foils, holding a
Bokay of Balloons
with Twisties attached,
can fill in a room

Aah-Inspiring                Balloons
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
Table Closeup
A closeup showing the Small Graduation Foil, and A closeup of the Diplomas (prepared by Aah-Inspiring Balloons) which were placed at each dish
Outside Decor
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
Aah-Inspiring              Balloons
Aah-Inspiring  Balloons
Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
Great Backdrop for pictures or as stage decor
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
Pool Decor
The Arch brought attention
to the pool, but these
Smiley Face Grads
seem to have the pool to themselves
The Prom King and Queen Characters hightlight the stage.  The King apapears to have abit of an attitude, while the Queen stands all prim and proper.  
Isn't that a typical guy? 
Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
These, 7 foot tall,
Boy and Girl Graduates greet the other Graduates and guides them into the auditorium
Closeup showing the Foil Letters, "2007" and Small Graduation Foils in the center of the arch
Wall Decor

This Air Filled Arch
 Full of Stars,
appears to be floating out of clouds.
On either side of the Arch is a
Shooting Star Column

(can be used an Entrance Arch)
Create more Flair to your event by adding Lights to the
Shooting Star Columns and
The Star Filled Arch
The 2 Shooting Star Columns, and a Moon surrounded by Stars,
makes a nice
Photo Backdrop
Wall Decor
The Entrance Door is flanked by
2 Shooting Star Columns
On the right is a Photo Backdrop
Prom Entrance
Photo Backdrop
As seen from the Front
Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
Aah-Inspiring   Balloons
Aah-Inspiring                                     Balloons
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
Columns with Year
These Air Filled Columns makes a Big Impact as the Graduates walk on stage to receive their diplomas
Walk Thru Star Entrance
This Walk Thru Star looks good in the Day Time.
But, when the Sun goes down,
The Lighted Walk Thru Star really shines the way into the Prom.
The Clouds around the bottom of the Star are also lighted.

It can also be used on a stage

Aah-Inspiring                   Balloons
Aah-Inspiring                   Balloons
Aah-Inspiring Balloons
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Photo Frame
Have a little fun with a 
Personalized Photo Frame.
This one is personalized with the Twins names added to the Pokeman
Aahinspiring                            Balloons
Prom Decor
Your Guests view,
As they enter the Prom
We make it easy for you to change the color of the
Lamp Posts Toppers, or to let the colors change automatically
Dance Floor Lamp Posts
With Color Changing ability
Lamp Posts with Lights Off, or White
Lamp Posts with Lights Green
Lamp Posts with Lights Red
A closer look at a
Lamp Post with
a White Topper
The Lighted Lamp Posts and
The Lighted Feather Centerpieces
Bring Elegance to the room
Aah-Inspiring                    Balloons
As your guests look around
the room,
they see
a room
filled with
Lighted, Feather Centerpieces in
Tall Glass Vases,
Surrounding a Dance Floor with Lighted Lamp Posts on the corners
1 or 11 Centerpiece per table,
it was hard to decide
(Not really)
Aah-Inspiring                                Balloons
Aah-Inspiring           Balloons
Aah-Inspiring                                                              Balloons
Aah-Inspiring                                                              Balloons
Aah-Inspiring                                                              Balloons